Women journalist perform excellently in any assigned beats – Aminat Salako


An ace broadcaster, Aminat Salako Adekunle has maintained that women journalist perform excellently in any beats assigned to them just like their male counterparts

She said this on Wednesday on Just Event Online Women Hour, added that there should not be discrimination in assigning roles to a female journalist

“I anchor some of our Political Programmes on Radio Nigeria Harmony FM, like APC GBODE, SDP IDERADE N KWARA SOUTH AND EJEKAJOSE with Barrister Akogun Iyiola Oyedepo, do you know that this doesn’t happen overnight because it takes alot of process, competence and showing an high level of professionalism”

Responding to questions from the anchor, Hanifat Ismail on the challenges faced by a women journalist, Aminat said, discrimination from news sources and colleagues at work, sexual harassment, family life, cultural and religious limitations, exposed to intimidation, threats, killing, among others are the major problems faced by them.

Speaking further, she noted that a female journalist has no specific dressing pattern in as much as she dressed decently and in acceptable manner.

The saying that the role of woman ends in the kitchen began to take new dimension in the face of society’s economic downturn that gave rise to the need for women to support their spouses. Women starts to see the need to assume different positions as their male counterparts in all disciplines, she added.

She however shunned any form of discrimination between a male and female journalist and also charged the bodies that govern the act of journalism in the country to make a disposition that will protect a female journalists during the cause of discharging their duties.

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