We fully identify with your transformation agenda, Kwara South Group, Consensus Movement, tells Gov AbdulRazaq


A political group in Kwara South, Consensus Movement, has declared its full support for the transformation agenda of Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq.

At a press conference addressed by leader of the group, Hon. Femi Agbaje Whyte, in Offa on Saturday, the Governor was advised to ignore perpetual wailers who are being pushed by people who lost power and are desperately clutching every straw to come back to continue their looting spree.

The press conference was attended by several stakeholders in Kwara South, including leaders and members of Consensus Movement from various local government areas of the senatorial district such as Isin, Oke-Ero, Ifelodun, Oyun, Offa and Irepodun.

Hon. Femi Agbaje, who is a former Commissioner of Energy in Kwara State, praised Governor AbdulRazaq on his remarkable feats so far in the second tenure, while charging him to do more.

“Since inception, we at the Consensus Movement have taken a position on who we are and how we intend to operate. Chief among these is actually to use politics to positively impact the lives of our people either actively or as a supporter of whomever we feel has the interest of the common man at heart. That explains the reason this family has been one of the unapologetic supporters of our amiable Governor, Malam AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq.

“We fully identify with his uncommon transformation agenda that cuts accross virtually all aspects. From education, health, water and even human capital development. We want to say a big thank you for all of these while charging you to do more. We also recognise the uncommon tact with which you have been able to equitably and fairly manage all interests and tendencies and will implore you to continue the path of honour with which you are known,” Hon. Agbaje said.

“Please know that the rumblings from some quarters are nothing but the usual cry of perpetual wailers. Our reliable source has it that such dissenting voices are being pushed by people who lost power and desperately clutching every straw to come back in other to continue the looting spree. They are employing all sort of tactics including engaging saboteurs from within to carry out their evil machinations.”

The group which has presence in all wards of Kwara South also appealed for the swift completion of the Osi Campus of KWASU, upgrade of the Offa Township Stadium and completion of St Clare’s Road in Offa.

“As always, the Governor has never failed to honour our people’s request and we are ever grateful for that. So once again, they have sent us to you sir. We believe Mr Governor has the capacity to do all of these and we will be looking forward to your doing them sir.”

Consensus Movement meanwhile lambasted Senator Lola Ashiru over his recent comment on zoning arrangement of the gubernatorial election in 2027, saying he is attempting to jettison a process that will foster unity and harmony in the Kwara State.

“Just imagine a senator who ironically rode to power on appeal of equity and fair play but doesn’t believe other people deserve such fairness – talk about double standards. We are highly surprised that a person who is less than 7 months in the tenure of 4 years, who has not delivered on the mandate given to him by the people, is busy plotting on how to jettison a fair, justice and equity based arrangement that will ensure peace, unity and harmony that Kwara State state is known for.”

Notable personalities who attended the press conference are Dr. Abdul Lanre Folorunsho, Father of Consensus Movement; Hon. Rasheed Ibrahim, Chairman of Consensus Movement; Hon. Emmanuel Moronfoye (Isin); Hon. Dipo Owoseni and Hon. Rafiu Balogun (Oyun); Alhaji Toyin Otolorin (Ifelodun); Hon. Apole Felix (Ekiti); Hon. Babalola Adeniyi (Oke-Ero); Hon. Aliyu Ibrahim Kawu; among others.

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