WCQ: Ridwan to captain Nigeria’s U-19 Men’s Cricket

Teen star Abdulkareem Ridwan has been named as captain of Nigeria’s Under -19 Men’s Cricket team

as the team wraps up preparation for the eighth-nation Africa Division 2 World Cup Qualifier to be hosted by the country between September 30th and October 9th in Abuja.

Team coach Daniel Gim, a former national player himself and now International Cricket Council certified level 2 coach said as much, adding that Nigeria in the past few years has made statements with its youth side.

“We are hosts and that on its own comes with some level of expectation, but with the level of skill and management in place, I am sure the team will eke out respectable performance for the country when the game starts,” he said. “Ridwan and his team mates are a major part of the cricket evolution and he has shown leadership.”

Joseph Eshua, the Technical Director of the Federation, added that the board has made arrangements for the home team to be well prepared as well as making sure the country play a good host to all the other seven countries that will be taking part in the event.

“Our focus is to give the best possible preparation to our team, and I am presently with the team in Benin to give technical support to the team,” he said.“I can assure you that the team is turning out well. However, as the host we also have a task to project the country through our now international facilities and the hosting, which is being done too.”

Eshua said that the two cricket pitches at the MKO Abiola ‘Package B’ Stadium in Abuja is in best shape ever with a number of upgrades that the Federation has incorporated into it of late.

“I believe we are hosting to showcase the investment we have made in our facilities and the growing talents that the sports have attracted through the continuous nation-wide grassroots development projects.”

He said, the country has in the last two years successfully upgraded six of its pitches to international turf wicket standard.

Kenya, Sierra Leone, Malawi, Rwanda, Ghana, Mozambique, Botswana and Nigeria are grouped in the encounter that is expected to produce one finalist that will move to the nest stage of the qualifier in Division 1.

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