An Open Letter to His Excellency, Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq: The Urgent Need for LG Elections in Kwara State by Comrade Hanafi Abdulgafar Dare (Asejere)

The Apparent Failure to Conduct Local Government Elections in Kwara State


Dear Sir,

As we commemorate Independence Day on October 1st, 2023, I write to you with profound respect and a deep concern for the consequences arising from the apparent failure of your administration to conduct local government elections in Kwara State, in accordance with constitutional requirements. Section 7, subsection 1 of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (as amended) clearly guarantees democratically elected Local Government Councils, and the government of every state is mandated, under this constitution, to ensure their existence through legislation that defines their establishment, structure, composition, finance, and functions.

Your Excellency, it is well known that local government councils play a pivotal role in the governance of the state, particularly at the grassroots level, where the majority of our citizens reside and where development efforts should originate. Regrettably, the absence of elected local government chairmen, councillors, local government secretaries, and supervisory councillors has created a leadership vacuum within your administration, stalling progress and development. This leadership void has contributed to a lack of security, accountability, transparency, and responsiveness, all of which are essential for the development of Kwara State.

The neglect of citizens’ welfare through the local council has resulted in sluggish development, poor service delivery, and an underdeveloped local road network, among other critical issues. The absence of functioning local councils has left a significant gap that threatens the growth and progress of both the state and your administration.

Section 7, subsection 2 of the same constitution emphasizes the functions that local government councils should undertake, including those outlined in the fourth schedule of the Constitution.

Moreover, the centralization of resources at the state level hampers the effective provision of essential services and developmental projects at the local government level. The state government is now responsible for maintaining and resolving local infrastructure, healthcare, education, and social amenities, further impeding proper devolution of powers and fostering distrust among the state’s population.

Your Excellency, it is crucial to recognize that the efforts of your party members (All Progressive Congress) towards your victory in the last election can only be fully appreciated through the conduct of local government elections in the state. Conducting these elections is not just a constitutional obligation but also an ethical one that your administration must address.

We implore you to fulfill your leadership obligation by conducting local government elections, which will empower our grassroots and members of your great party. In addition, you can promote inclusivity by appointing independent electoral bodies to oversee free and fair elections that truly represent the will of the people and promote good governance.

Local government elections are indispensable for our state’s development, effective governance, freedom, and equity. We eagerly anticipate your response to this call, which represents the voice of the voiceless in our local government councils.

In closing, I commend your effective administrative style, which has contributed to the failure of the past administration in Kwara State and the promotion of peaceful co-existence among the diverse elements that make up our dear state.

Thank you and Happy Independence Day.

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