Terror Alert on Nigeria – Media Group Condemn America, Britain


A Non-Governmental Organization – the Muslim Media Watch Group of Nigeria (MMWG) has called on all Nations that mean well for other Countries to refrain from acts capable of creating bad relationships for them and other Nations.

In a Press Statement issued in Lagos on Wednesday by the National Coordinator of the Group Alhaji Abdullahi Ibrahim specifically referred to the terror alerts sounded by the US, UK and a few European Countries over the security situation in Nigeria, the Group described the alert as being bad faith – adding that if America and Britain meant well by the alert, it should have been sounded intelligently and responsibly under secret cover with a view of drawing the attention of the Nigerian Leadership to the particular areas they have uncovered of any possible security breaches.

Instead, America raised the matter publicly to create a bad image for Nigeria and warned its citizens not to travel to Abuja – the Nation’s Capital for the time being. It went further to reduce its Embassy and Consulate Staff by recalling some of them according to reliable reports.

This is unfortunate the Group maintained, as America’s unwarranted alert has raised panic and tension, which is believed was a badly calculated political step meant by it to ruin the political and socio-economic stability of Nigeria.

The Media Group, therefore, called on the United and Commonwealth Nations to warn America,  the UK and their allies to desist from their diabolical acts aimed always at creating a bad image for Nigeria. Even though the Nation faces security challenges, hands have been on deck to reverse the trend, and the success recorded so far attested to this, Group stressed.

It should be noted by America, Britain and their allies that despite their so-called mastery in security, several security breaches leading to questionable deaths of innocent citizens are recorded daily especially in America most of which are not reported! Why were terror alerts not raised In the US before the crimes were committed? the Group asked.

The Muslim Media Watch Group of Nigeria, therefore, commended President Muhammadu Buhari for rising stoutly to defend the territorial integrity of Nigeria and that of Africa as a whole, pointing out that his order putting all of Nigeria’s Security Forces on alert demonstrates his commitment to the well-being of his people,

The Group warned America, the UK and its allies to henceforth share intelligence responsibly with Member Nations confidentially instead of playing to the gallery by creating a negative impression about Nigeria always; as its earlier prediction some years back that Nigeria as a Nation would break up failed woefully, the Group stated.

The Media Watch Group also commended the Nigerian Military, the Police, the DSS and all the Security Forces in Nigeria on their efforts aimed at preventing and arresting crimes in Nigerian Society.

However, it called on them to re-shapen their sensitisation and awareness strategies on the fact that ‘security is everybody’s business by using all Media Platforms to enlighten and guide the Nigerian masses on daily basis on how to prevent dangers and expose crimes adding that the Federal Government should do same on a large scale.

The Group commended the Hon. Minister of Information & Culture Alh. Lai Mohammed for always rising to the challenges posed by purveyors of fake news and other enemies of Nigeria who are fond of creating a bad image for the Country through falsehood, misinformation and misrepresentation of facts. The Group urged him not to relent in his effort until Nigeria succeeds in legislating against fake news and other crimes in Nigeria.

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