Super Falcon Midfielder, Halimatu Ayinde Reconnects with Ilorin Roots, Aims to Elevate Women’s Football in Kwara


Halimatu Ibrahim Ayinde, a prominent midfielder for FC Rosengård and the Nigeria women’s national team (Super Falcon), recently shared her joy of reconnecting with her origins in Ilorin, Kwara State.

Despite growing up in Kaduna State, Halimatu has always felt a deep connection to her birthplace and has long sought to contribute to the development of women’s football in Kwara. “I am so grateful that I have reconnected back to my origin because, for a long time, I have been looking for a way to do so,” she said. Her goal is to foster the growth of women’s football in the state, similar to the successes seen in neighboring regions.

Reconnecting with her roots in Kwara State has been a significant milestone for Ayinde. “I have been looking for a way to discuss the development of women’s football in Kwara State. Just like how neighboring states in the western and, eastern states in Nigeria have women’s teams representing their state in the Nigeria league, I would love to see that we also have more women’s teams in Kwara State,” she shared.

Ayinde expressed her confidence that the Kwara State executive chairman of the sports commission, Mallam Bola Mogaji would facilitate more development. “I am happy about the news hearing around about sports development in Kwara State during the present administration led by Governor AbdulRahman Abdulrazaq which made people call him a sport-loving governor.”

Ayinde is eager to give back to her community, hoping to inspire upcoming talented female players in Kwara State. “I would gladly want to give back to the community of Kwara State to inspire the upcoming talented female players in the state just as I’m doing in Kaduna State where I grew up.”

Meeting the executive governor of Kwara State would be a dream come true for Ayinde. “I haven’t met the executive governor of Kwara State, and if I have the chance to do so, it would be one of the greatest achievements of my life. It will be a dream come true for me to discuss more sports development and support for athletes in the state,” she stated.

Halimatu Ibrahim Ayinde’s journey from an aspiring footballer to a professional athlete is a testament to her hard work and determination. Her vision for the future of women’s football in Kwara State highlights her commitment to nurturing the next generation of female footballers.

She credited her success to the inspiration she drew from legendary Nigerian footballers Florence Omagbemi and Perpetual Nkwocha. “They were my role models. I admired them so much that I said to myself that if I wanted to be like them, I had to work hard,” Ayinde said. Her dedication paid off, as she eventually became a professional player and even had the opportunity to be coached by her idols. “I’m sure they are proud of my progress because they never knew they were my role models back in the day.”

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