Subsidy : NANS Kwara Chairman, Abdulgafar meet stakeholders demand Government support for students

The delegates of NANS JCC Kwara State Axis led by me, join the NLC, TUC, NUJ, RTEAN, NURTW, TOAN and other several organizations to meet with the Commissioner of Police, Director of State Security Services and Commandant of NSCDC Kwara State, for an important deliberation, regarding the critical situation of the country.

In press release obtained by Just Event Online signed by Comrade Yusuf Abdulgafar, Chairman, National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS), Joint Campus Council (JCC), Kwara State Axis

The discussion was centered on how the government will intervene, to lessen the threat and pressure of the hike in PMS price due to the subsidy removal by the FGN among all the citizens of the country’s and Kwara State in particular and also how the KWSG would further provide and improve the palliative to Students, as a constituency that carry the higher percentage in the population of the state.

While I outline some possible ways, the government can support the students in all institution in the state private inclusive at this trying period of the Nation, upholding the palliative amongst the students will definitely go a long way in lessen the burden associated with every of their school activities day in, day out. Palliative ranging from free buses to and fro in the campus, food items and cash support to vulnerable students, and several other yardsticks.

Meanwhile, i categorically stated some of the basic requirements attached to Students loan which will deprive majority from accessing the loans, while we seek and call for review of source policy in other to be so effective upon it implementation. Also, we foresight the possible consequences that increase in school fee charges for both federal, state and private tertiary institutions in the state can possibly cause to students, our parents and/or sponsorer, while we condemn any form of increment in school fees in order to avert the aftermath effects that can occur among the Nigerian students. Because if perpetually their is such increase, it may lead to high drop out rate, this will be stand against at all time.

In a tone of finality, i urge the security agencies to promote the good relationship with the apex students body in the state (NANS) and task them to reach out to all necessary quarters to ensure that their will be no further increment in our school fees, provision of more palliatives to students and support in form of palliatives to all government workers and all other citizens of the state to join the submission of the Chairman of NLC and TUC of Kwara State.

At end, we promise if all these measures is dully provided to particularly the students and pass through right channels, there shall be no any form of demonstration for demands from the angle of over a million Nigerian Students studying in Kwara State.

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