Solar vehicle maker to open Nigerian factory

EN1 Technologies has announced plans to begin the production of solar-powered vehicles in Nigeria and other African countries.

According to EN1 Technologies, this decision was made in a bid to transform Africa’s automotive landscape with the development of solar-powered vehicles.

The Chief Executive Officer EN1 Technologies, Onomor Benjamin, made this known while addressing journalists on Monday.

While explaining the motive for the initiative, Benjamin noted that the lack of stable electricity remained a major deterring factor for many people looking to buy and use electric cars on the continent.

He explained further, “Charging stations do not adequately solve this problem because it takes an average of 45 minutes to fully charge an electric vehicle at a charging station. This feels like a lifetime compared to the time required to refuel a petrol-powered car, not to mention the high cost of setting up charging stations across the continent.

To address this issue, the team at EN1 is building a production-level car that does not require a charge from an electrical power outlet for months, thereby, eliminating the need for stable electricity in every country the company ships its cars into.”

The firm noted that powered by the sun with detailed and well-engineered solar cells fused into the frunk, hood, and trunk of the car, the EN1 ULTRA generates its own power of up to 50 km of range daily without any additional form of charging.


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