Senator Mustapha raises concern over Nigeria’s surging inflation


The Chairman, Senate Committee on Agric Production Services and Senator representing Kwara Central Senatorial District in the National Assembly, Senator Saliu Mustapha, has emphasized the paramount importance of food security for Nigeria’s continued existence as a nation.

Speaking during a joint committee meeting with members of the House of Representatives and the Minister of Agriculture, Senator Mustapha raised concerns about Nigeria’s escalating inflation rates.

According to the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), inflation surged to 31.70% from 29.90% in January 2024, with food inflation reaching a staggering 37.92% year-on-year.

Senator Mustapha underscored the urgency of the committee’s oversight role in assessing government initiatives aimed at addressing food insecurity and ensuring affordability for all Nigerians.

“Nigeria’s survival as a nation hinges on its ability to provide food security for its citizens,” Mustapha said.

He emphasized the pivotal role of rural farmers in sustaining Nigeria’s agricultural sector and called for enhanced efforts to meet their needs.

Senator Mustapha also stressed the importance of transparency in the implementation of government policies related to emergency food declarations and grain distribution. He assured the committee’s commitment to holding government officials accountable and ensuring the effective execution of policies and directives.

Despite commendable interventions by the government to improve agricultural productivity and mitigate the impact of subsidy removal, Senator Mustapha expressed concern over the lingering issue of hunger among Nigerians. He urged concerted action to address the root causes of food insecurity and alleviate the burden of high living costs.

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