Saeed Tijjani: Keep Portraying The Youths Through Your Advocacy And Humanitarian Gestures By Hamzat Ishaq Easyboy


I feel so honored to join thousands who are today Celebrating the birth of a Loyal, Humble, Youth Mobilizer and Media Icon on the occasion of his birthday anniversary Comrade Saeed Tijjani (Team Lead, 9japarrot Digital Media and Communications)

You have many fantastic qualities but among the top of them have to be that you are dependable, trustworthy and you are always there for people around you.

I know that these words would not be able to convey how awesome you are, but we will still attempt them. You are a wonderful person, a young man full of positive vibes, You respect those who deserve respect and Honor those who deserves it.

The feat you have achieved in Kwara South and Kwara state at large is rare and you are acknowledged for the great way you keep portraying the youths through your Advocacy And Humanitarian gestures, Comrade Saeed Tijjani (ST).

You loved with no boundary and gives yourself like no other.
Sacrificing your comfort for the benefit of others was a way of life for

Continue your good work in giving succour to the downtrodden, needy and
the less privileged, it’s my prayer that God Almighty will continue to elevate
you, brighten your ways and grant your heart desire.

It is also our prayer to Almighty God to grant you the needed and necessary protection, guard, and guidance to fulfill your desire
destiny as a blessing to the people around you and the world in general.

Happy Birthday Sir!

Hamzat Ishaq Easyboy writes from Oke-Ero, Kwara State

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