Re : Purported Open Letter to the Governor written by One Murtala Adekola Adekoya on Behalf of Osin (The Rural Part) of Ilorin East Local Government

Please, our attention has been drawn to the above captioned subject matter which was purportedly written by one Comr. Muritala Adekola Adekoya on behalf of Osin people of Ilorin East Local Government of Kwara State.

The so-called open letter and the writer can unfortunately be best regarded as lacking good manners and uncouth, going by such unruly presentation to a constituted authority. The two main scriptures are very clear as to how we should jealously guide our attitudes towards those in leadership positions, let alone the number one citizen of a whole State.

It is crystal clear that approvals of the relevant stakeholders were never sought before the ill-advised letter was written and presented in such a bad taste.
It is disheartening that the writer had to magnify his falsehood that some elders even made concerted efforts to meet the Governor. On what and when, please?

As a matter of fact, from the series of consultations we have made, there wasn’t anyone who could claim to be aware of the existence of any minor pressure group called Indigenous Concerned Youths of Osin rather than merely seeking undeserved attention.

The same position was also held by many that the said writer of the letter is hardly known in Osin, although he claimed to be Lagos based. No wonder he has no knowledge of the simple understanding of ‘ marginalisation’ he referred to in our case. Marginalisation by who and what time frame was he referring to? The 2019 to 2023 administration that we just concluded or the second term that we are just about to settle for business? The Executive Arm is being constituted with portfolios and inauguration to take place in some days ahead.

Due to his perceived distance from.home, he is unlikely to be aware that during the aforesaid first term (2019 -2023), Osin produced House of Assembly member and at some point of the same period same Osin also produced a Commissioner who arguably was adjudged one of the best hands in Kwara and the North Central by extension, amongst several great things we should be proud of as a rural people under the administration of our amiable Governor, Mallam Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq.

Consequently, it is obvious that the writer lacked requisite knowledge as to the happenings back home or he probably has some mischievous tendencies on the leadership disposition of His Excellency in terms of Governor’s firm determination for equity, justice and fairness in allocation of positions, appointments and other dividends of democracy across all divides, not just in Osin but Kwara State as a whole. Living examples are as stated above.

It is on record that Osin benefitted so much from the present administration of Mallam AbduRahman Abdulrazaq and our achievements are bountiful and the writer may not be well informed that some of rural roads of significant kilometres have been earmarked for construction in this second term. He is also advised to request for a list showing series of achievements that were recorded in favour of Osin alone and as shared across social media as we prepared towards the just concluded general elections. We can always continue to request or ask for more. There is nothing bad about asking for more ;but there is everything wrong with lying.

And on the power outage/darkness issue he raised, we can always advise that he should source for relevant updates on this issue as he is far from the truth.

At this juncture, we would like to set the records straight as follows:

a. That we the great people of Osin in Ilorin East Local Government of Kwara State believe strongly in the leadership style of His Excellency, Mallam Abdurahman Abdulrazaq and that we uphold strong faith in HE’s capacity to continue to deliver good dividends of democracratic system of government to Kwarans.

b. That His Excellency knows us better in Osin and that he is fully aware of our needs. So for anyone to request that allocation of positions be done by them speaks volume about their evil agenda. Tell us where such free-for-all opportunities have been given, and it didn’t turn out to be chaotic or unresolved till date. Mall. Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq has gotten all it takes to treat and deal with all issues fairly, justly and in equitable manners.

c. That it is our joint decision as good people of Osin in consultation with the relevant stakeholders to put up a rejoinder to the baseless and shameful purported letter without any further delay and same to be widely circulated in prints and other social platforms/media.

d: We urge His Excellency never to be detracted by high wire intrigues and evil machinations of such destabilizing agents in HE’s focused leadership agenda and commitment to the good of all, both in the urban and rural parts of Ilorin East like he has always done.

Thank you all, and God bless.

Oladimeji Asiwaju AbdulMalik

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