OLUFADI AT 30: A MAN IN MYRIAD By: Olushola Sheerefdeen.

You always knew that I was out of the crowd,
I was really difficult to manage,
But then you also know that it’s the case,
When you have that patience to tackle,

You did not only guided me along the way,
You also gave me motivation for the day,
You told me that I will surely go long,
A place where I truly belong,

So, today I’m kowtowing that path,
Where oceans of knowledge take bath,
You inspire my ways of life,
And I shall pay obeisance to your words in five,

You salvage every difficult situation with time,
And people chit-chats about your charisma in mime,
What a golden son of the soil,
Your decision is what no one can foil,

I celebrate you everyday,
Today is just an extraordinary day,
Jolly and merry around the world,
Inform people it’s the mercy of your lord.

May life’s brightest joys illuminate your every path,
And may each day’s journey bring you closer to your goals, feels like yesterday while we were having ice cream and cake on the porch,
oh! how quickly did these years roll,
The wrinkles on our forehead are our medals of time,
It’s time again for the birthday bells to chime,

The streamers are strung and the balloons are bright, It is time to have fun and celebrate your life,
I see your eyes being filled with light,
May you always have a smile of pearly white,
Happy birthday to the handsome boss of mine,
May you have a day full of laughter and fun,
You’re truly a blessing to humanity,
Continue contributing your quota to the development of the societal values and norms of humanity,
You shall reach your preferred horizon by the Lord’s grace.

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