No crack in PDP, Ahmed, Bolaji, Bio, Makanjuola, Kanike, others throwing tantrums Says Onimago


We will say this again, more specifically to Mallam Bolaji Abdullahi, Abdulfatai Ahmed, Zakari, and others to stop playing and make their threats real by exiting the PDP. Nobody is begging or ready to massage their ego. If this is the only alternative to address their disagreement with the party or leadership it is suffice to say Get out of the party, stop throwing tantrums!

This was contained in an opinion written by Onimago AbdulSalam and made available to Just Event Online TV on Wednesday


Former Governor Abdulfatai Ahmed

They are wasting too much time trying to give legitimacy to their grievances. While it is not unusual to have disagreements as a political family and party, as of today, nothing is wrong with the PDP, except those usual aggrieved personalities forming leprosy and threatening to pour efforts to strengthen the party into the bin because they didn’t get one ticket at one time or the other. 2027 is about the survival and prosperity of the PDP family, not about any individuals or groups who feel above everyone and the party.

It is a great relief that the majority of them have remained silent and chosen not to identify with the PDP in public, and we hope they continue to do so, it lessens the burden of having to give account for what they did while in government, especially Governor Abdulfatai Ahmed who was a friend
to none, the few he has now merely share agitations with him, they hardly share anything sincere or deep.

Let us tell our Maigida specifically that Almighty God used PDP/Bukola Saraki to make him a Commissioner for 8 years. First as Finance, and later as Planning. Subsequently, he emerged as the Governorship candidate of PDP and won, his emergence cracked the wall that existed among the Sarakis’ until they reconciled recently. Such was the burden ABS had to carry to support him to emerge as Governor. For about a decade, Bukola was not on a good page with his family because of Maigida, “an outsider”. Thus, if Party and Saraki didn’t give him a Senatorial ticket in 2019, what of the other good things God has used Saraki to do for him at the expense of so many relationships Saraki struggled to keep for Ahmed? 16 years of being s beneficiary, and you feel humiliated for not getting a ticket once? Funny!

It seems former Governor Maigida is suffering from greed, not any legitimate agitation. His Excellency felt humiliated? We do not want to curse, but to date, at the very front page of a “Tell Magazine” lies an interview that says Olusola wasn’t pleased with how events happened. It was because of who, isn’t it because of him? 2019 is not the only time His Excellency mustn’t get a ticket for anything, he must not get it ever again nor represent the structure in any capacity if at all the future is kind to the PDP in Kwara and Nigeria. Former Governor Abdulfatai Ahmed’s loyalty is questionable, his uncommon loyalty should have been rewarded with good governance to the good people of Kwara State, which would have ensured the survival of PDP in 2019. When has Saraki not being on good terms with his family ever appeared to people like Maigida as a great sacrifice to push him into power?

*Former Minister of Youth and Sport, Mallam Bolaji Abdullahi*

It is also imperative for us to state that Mallam Bolaji Abdullahi should evaluate himself instead of acting like an angel. His agitations are baseless, unfounded, and very childish. When he was enjoying massive love and goodwill in PDP before squandering it, did he seek Saraki’s help in sustaining it? Some of us didn’t really show commitment to the Atunwa project in 2019 simply because we shared in his agitations. It was after the loss it dawned on us that we sank the entire ship and ridiculed God by not bearing in mind that there was a future, where Bolaji eventually contested for Senate. Now, we are all outside in the cold, battling like unreasonable people, who has God not been kind to among all of you screaming like the benefits that ever came to the PDP were not monopolized by you people? After your lots, how many sons of nobody did you give a platform and stage to shine as God used ABS for you people?

Mallam Bolaji Abdullahi fenced people out of his campaign council because he had suspicion for all and was paranoid, and insecure, he trusted outsiders to deliver for him. If he looks left and right, everyone looks to be selling him out according to him. Thus, if some people did nothing than vote for him due to his arrangement and framework he believed would deliver him, what crime have they committed? Was Mallam Bolaji at the forefront of the 2019 elections? Was he not silent and stepped aside as everything fell apart? Thus, why is he criminalizing others?

Why did he reconcile with Saraki post-2019 having made many enemies for the same Saraki? When they eventually settled, we were not there, only inherited animosity. Where else has God been kind to him politically other than the PDP? He should go and try his luck outside of the PDP. After all, APC, Labour, SDP, and YPP are all there to accommodate him. After all, he boasts of being a friend to Fayemi, and APC will be glad to have him. Thus, he should stop wasting time and giving legitimacy to his agitations that are built entirely on getting another ticket in 2027, or will it not end with wanting a ticket? When has Bolaji ever come out to deny a narrative against Saraki? He only does so when he encounters you and you confront him. For example, it has been out there since 2023 that he said Saraki never meant to give him the Senate ticket but Alhaji Kawu Baraje, then ABS will retrieve it and contest, despite everyone knowing Saraki will not contest for anything in Kwara. Let us assume Alhaji Baraje was the one to be initially given, did you eventually get or not get it? Thus, why should Baba Baraje meriting consideration get you more angry instead of finding satisfaction in clinching it? Left to us, Baba Baraje would have given a fairer fight than Bolaji himself in Kwara Central, as Mallam Bolaji Abdullahi was more obsessed with winning Saliu Mustapha’s polling unit than winning Kwara Central. This is an outdated format of blackmailing, Oga BJ, é don cast!

You want to go? See the door, it is widely open. When have you ever supported another person other than yourself or have you along with other co-travelers will form a parallel PDP?

*Zakari, Bio, Pategi, and others*

To Kwara Northerners like Zakari, Bio, and Pategi, even down to us common as a people, we didn’t want Shuaibu Yaman, not because he may not win the election, but the fear of what he is capable of doing if he eventually emerged. However, the truth remains, which among you could have won us the election? However, family remains family, if someone has chosen to identify with us and shows all commitment to be one of us, why must we reject them? However, family bonds are not about us winning, even if we lose because of family, it is still a victory. It came to Kwara North, it just didn’t come to any of you specifically. Let us as well be frank, who amongst you could have won us that election in 2023? What metric, evaluation or assessment did any of you embrace to persuade one another that you were the best fit, other than personally convincing yourselves that you are the better candidate?

We are even surprised people keep threatening they want to leave and refused to leave when there is no padlock on the door. Feel free, it is even easier as Kwara North’s agenda will be what APC will be flying in 2027.

*Kannike, Makanjuola grievances not known*

We don’t know what it is Kanike is agitated about, Makanjuola was the immediate Deputy Governorship candidate of the PDP in the elections. However, we say to them and others, it was nice working with you all. If at all we are meant to work together in the future, fate will bring everyone back together. Accept our kind wishes and best regards.

*PDP is solid than ever, with no time for distraction*

Kwara PDP is undergoing repositioning and restructuring, and the youths of the party remain committed to ensuring it is competitive in 2027. Thus, if anyone wants to leave, He or She is free to do so, we need to know those who are left and ready to prosecute the various ambitions that lie ahead. There is no crack in PDP, and we make bold to say the few aggrieved personalities are inconsequential in the grand scheme of things.

We also wish to appeal to the general public, elites, and others who want to join the Greater Kwara project to join us in PDP, we would love to have them and work with them as brothers, sisters, and partners in progress.

We also call on other members of PDP and Party Executives who are without agitations but silent to lend their voice in ensuring members of the party contribute to the growth of the party, contribute to financing, and talk about strengthening the party and not individual ambitions.

Consequently, the sponsors of the publication by Prudent Watch have been verified, and their case shall be reported to the appropriate authority for disciplinary action.


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