Nigeria ready to host West Africa Sitting Volleyball Championship


Plans are currently in top gear for the 2022 West Africa Sitting Volleyball Championship with teams expected to arrive in Nigeria on December 10, 2022, the Nigeria Paravolley Federation has disclosed.

The West Africa ParaVolley sponsored competition will be hosted by the Nigeria ParaVolley Federation, led by Kayode Ladele. According to the schedule released by the federation, the technical meeting for participating teams will hold on December 11, while the Para Beach Volleyball will be launched in Nigeria on December 12.

Participating clubs from the Republic of Benin and Ghana have already been confirmed, while those from Sierra Leone, which will join their Nigerian counterparts in the first-ever competition of the West Africa ParaVolley, are still awaiting confirmation.

“We are excited to be hosting this first edition of the competition, which is targeted at promoting healthy rivalry among countries in West Africa and developing the sport at the regional level.

“When this was being discussed, Nigeria jumped at the idea of hosting the competition because it is in line with our short, medium and long-term plans as a federation when we got elected a few months ago,” Ladele said.

Explaining the idea behind the competition, he said although it does not serve as a qualification for any international tournament, it is the first step for many federations within the West African sub-region to develop the sport within their countries.

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