Nigeria Army Ilorin Brigade Vows to Discharge Duties Without Fear or Favor


Commander of 22 Armoured Brigade Nigeria Army Ilorin, Brigadier General , O D Williams, has reiterated the brigade’s commitment to carrying out their constitutional duties without fear or favor.

Speaking during an interactive session with newsmen at his office on Tuesday, General Williams emphasized that the brigade’s mandate is to work hard and discharge their duties as directed by the Chief of Army Staff, General Lagbaja.

He explained that the brigade’s presence at Okoolowo Expressway on Sunday was a special assignment aimed at protecting lives and properties, based on intelligence gathering.

Just Event Online TV reports, General Williams highlighted the brigade’s recent success in rescuing students from Confluence University at Babanla, demonstrated their dedication to national security.

He acknowledged the importance of the media as a critical stakeholder and assured continued respect and cooperation.

The Commander emphasized that their ultimate responsibility is to the President and they will continue to carry out their national assignment without hesitation.”

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