Nigeria, Angola partner to enhance power generation, water supply

The Federal Government and its Angolan counterpart have officially united to enhance water supply and power generation within their respective borders.

The News Agency of Nigeria reports on Wednesday that the collaborative effort was formalised during a crucial meeting when Dr Jose Bamoquina, the Angolan Ambassador to Nigeria, paid a courtesy visit to the Minister of Water Resources and Sanitation, Prof. Joseph Utsev, and his state counterpart in Abuja.

During the meeting, Utsev underscored the significance of this partnership, stressing the need for both nations to exchange technical expertise and knowledge in pivotal sectors.

He highlighted the primary focus on improving citizens’ lives through advancements in water supply and hydropower generation.

Acknowledging the necessity for global support in achieving universal access to clean and safe water, Utsev welcomed an invitation from Bamoquinna to visit Angola and foster a more robust partnership across various mutually beneficial areas.

The Angolan Ambassador elaborated on the objective of his visit, emphasising the desire for increased collaboration to harness the mineral resources—specifically water and electricity—that both nations are abundantly endowed with.

He highlighted Angola’s potential to export electricity to other countries and outlined plans for the expansion and efficient utilisation of six major dams with Nigeria’s technical expertise.

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