Naria Redesign: Disobedience To Court Could Trigger Anarchy, ACF Warns Buhari

The Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF) has warned that the continuous disobedience to the supreme court judgment regarding the use of the old naira notes could lead to the breakdown of law and order.

In a statement, ACF’s Secretary General, Murtala Aliyu, agreed with the state governors, who sued the Federal Government over the policy.

He said the current approach of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) raises concerns about the respect for the civil liberties and rights of Nigerians as it relates to their freedom to use legitimately earned income as they so wish.

He argued that, “Whatever the CBN or anyone else says about the benefits of the policy, which evidently are many, is of little comfort as soon as the highest court in the country has deemed that it is, or, at least the manner of its implementation, breaches the law.

“Ten days is long enough time for the government to find its way towards complying with a court order which is central to the achievement of peace, order and good governance in the country. President Buhari is under oath to defend the constitution of Nigeria. As his long term supporters, it will be remiss of us if we fail to warn that the much touted benefits of the Naira redesign can never justify the damage to his credentials as a democrat and a stickler for the rule of law.

“This is quite a part from the real possibility of the crisis morphing into a serious social disorder leading to the possible breakdown of law and order throughout Nigeria. We do not believe nor can we advise him to pay such a heavy price on account of a policy whose immediate goals are not entirely clear to a majority of Nigerians,”

He, however, lamented the huge crowds and long queues formed around bank offices and ATM points across the country “as people struggle to get the new cash which has remained extremely scarce, which has triggered riots and other forms of civil unrest.”

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