N100m Forms: APC Has Become Rich Men’s Club

The leadership of the Nigerian Political Science Association (NPSA) has weighed in on the ongoing debate on N100 million cost of expression of interest and nomination forms for presidential aspirants on the platform of the All Progressives Congress (APC).

The ruling party has come under attacks from Nigerians over the decision with a call for review.

Speaking on the issue in a telephone chat with Daily Trust on Friday, the national President of NPSA, Prof Hassan Saliu described the APC decision as a nullification of the not-too-young-to-run bill.

According to the professor of political science who called on the party to “rethink” its decision, the N100m price tag will lead to disenfranchisement and voter apathy.

He said, “You make a law for youths to participate in the process and make another law to discourage them, how do we resolve such contradiction.

“Giving our economic situation, it will be insensitive and shows that Nigeria politics is still a business where people invest money to make profit.

“I just hope that the party will have a rethink and review the fee to allow for more participation otherwise it’s will become rich men’s club and participation will be limited to how rich you are which defeats the essence of democracy.”

The NPSA national president said democracy thrived on full participation adding that exhobitant nomination fees would discourage candidates and their supporters.

“What we will see at the end of the day is political apathy which does not augur well for democracy,” he said.

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