My Kobo advice to journalists and media enthusiasts as Kwara APC holds primary elections today ahead of the LG poll By Temitope Muhideen (Convydence)


As the All Progressives Congress APC gears up for primary elections today, the role of journalists and media enthusiasts becomes increasingly vital in shaping public discourse and credibility it aspirants. In this critical period, responsible reporting is crucial to ensure that citizens and eligible voters make informed decisions at the polls. Here are some essential pieces of advice for journalists and media enthusiasts to uphold ethical standards and promote democratic values.

Stay Impartial

Journalists must maintain their independence and avoid taking sides or promoting particular aspirants unless partnered for branding and PR. Impartiality is crucial in building trust with audiences and ensuring that reporting is not skewed by personal biases.

Fact-Check Information

Fact-checking is essential in preventing the spread of misinformation. Journalists must verify facts through credible sources before reporting to ensure accuracy and credibility.

Focus on Issues amidst PR

Rather than sensationalizing scandals or personal attacks, journalists should emphasize aspirants’ stance on important issues. This approach enables voters to make informed decisions based on policies and ideologies. While I understand that PR partnership is not a crime, it’s important to promote partnered aspirants without using the pen to tear others.

Give Equal Coverage

Journalists must provide balanced coverage to all candidates, regardless of their popularity. Equal coverage ensures that voters have a comprehensive understanding of each aspirants s platform, giving everyone a level playing ground will give them a sense of entitlement.

Investigate and Dig Deep

Journalists should investigate Aspirants’ records, uncover hidden stories, and scrutinize their claims. In-depth reporting holds aspirants accountable and provides voters with valuable insights.

Be Transparent

Journalists must clearly attribute sources and methods to maintain credibility. Transparency is essential in building trust with audiences and ensuring that reporting is not influenced by hidden agendas.

Avoid Bias

Journalists must recognize and avoid biases, including personal and ideological ones. Bias can lead to skewed reporting, which can misinform voters and undermine democracy.

Educate Voters

Journalists should explain electoral processes and policies in an accessible manner, empowering voters to make informed decisions. Educational reporting is vital in fostering a well-informed electorate.

Hold Aspirants Accountable

Journalists must challenge aspirants on their claims and actions, ensuring that they are held accountable for their words and deeds. Accountability reporting is crucial in maintaining transparency and trust in politics.

Maintain Ethical Standards

Journalists must adhere to journalistic codes of conduct and ethics, ensuring that reporting is accurate, fair, and respectful. Ethical standards are essential in maintaining credibility and trust with audiences.

In conclusion, responsible reporting is crucial during primary elections. Journalists and media enthusiasts must uphold ethical standards, maintain impartiality, and focus on issues rather than sensationalism. By doing so, they can contribute to a well-informed electorate, promote democratic values, and ensure that citizens make informed decisions at the polls.

Temitope Muhideen is the publisher of Confidence News Nigeria and a member of Greenfield Library Limited, Atlanta Georgia USA

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