Minister urges Nigerians to use roads responsibly


The Minister of Works, David Umahi, has said President Bola Tinubu is having sleepless nights as a result of the bad state of the economy he inherited from his predecessor.

He said Nigerians must, therefore, be responsible in the use of public infrastructure that the government was struggling to put in place.

Umahi spoke at the weekend in Aba, Abia State while inspecting the Enugu-Port Harcourt Expressway.

He fumed at the activities of street traders on the completed section of the road in Abia State, noting that he would advise Governor Alex Otti to set up a task force to arrest and prosecute the street traders.

The minister said, “While Mr President is having sleepless nights on how to solve the problems of a very bad inherited economy, Nigerians should support him and also support themselves. We wouldn’t like a situation where after the Federal Government had spent so much here, we see people building and trading on the road.

It appears the people here like to inflict injuries on themselves. They can’t even allow the contractor to work. They drive against traffic and use the completed road as car parks, trading and dumping of refuse. The whole of refuse generated in Aba is being dumped on this road. It is not encouraging at all!

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