Military will ensure peaceful handover May 29 – DHQ

The Defence Headquarters has assured Nigerians that there will be peaceful transition of power by President Muhammadu Buhari to the President-elect, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, on May 29.

The Armed Forces high command also noted that the country was safe contrary to insinuations by the United States of America.

The Director, Defence Media Operations, Maj. Gen. Musa Danmadami, conveyed the assurances of the military high command on Thursday during a briefing at the Defence Headquarters in Abuja.

The DMO was reacting to alleged calls by some individuals for an Interim National Government, and threats by terror groups to halt the transition period.

Danmadami said, “As far as the internal security of the nation is concerned, the police are the lead agency, we are only providing assistance to civil authority and civil power.

“Just like the general elections came and are gone, and winners have been announced, the transition of power will also come and go peacefully. People are just being apprehensive of a situation that is not there.”

Danmadami also noted that the country was safe contrary to the widely published travel advisory by the United States authorities in recent times

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