Media Watch Group condemns SERAP, Says It Seek Media Relevance Wrongly


The Muslim Media Watch Group of Nigeria has cautioned some NGOs operating in Nigeria to stop seeking cheap publicity by meddling wrongly in the affairs that does not concern them.

The Group was reacting today to the ultimatum given by Socio-Economic Rights & Accountability Project (SERAP) to the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) over the warning NBC gave to Media Organizations on the need for them to truly be professional in their media practice especially in the coverage of the on-going 2023 General Elections.

In a Press Statement issued today, the Muslim Media Watch Group of Nigeria condemned SERAP on its attempt to intimidate NBC for playing its statutory role as a Regulatory Body as contained in the Act that set it up.

The Statement which was signed and made available to JUST EVENT ONLINE TV by its National Coordinator – Alh. Ibrahim Abdullahi, described SERAP as a ‘medulous interlopers’ interfering in the affairs that does not concern it; warning that attempts of some ill-motivated NGOs to turn themselves to opposition of Federal Government Agencies and Functionaries is highly irresponsible and condemnable.

Media Organizations both Public and Private practising in Nigeria who participated in the Meeting under reference with NBC Chief Executive Mal. Balance Illela – had pledged their loyalty to this Nation and assured NBC that they would not breach the code of ethical broadcasting and publishing! What then is the business of SERAP that warrant it issuing 48 hours ultimatum to NBC to withdraw its warning?

We in the Muslim Media Watch Group and all patriotic Nigerians irrespective of religious or ethnic background endorsed what NBC did….Group stated.

Instead of invoking the powers conferred on it by imposing fine on erring Media Organizations, NBC invited them to what could be termed a ‘Family Meeting’ where Executives from various Organizations were admonished on the need to promote peace, stability and unity of the Country by refraining to air or publish volatile and reckless outbursts that might cause chaos shortly before, during and after elections.

MMWG maintained that it is unpatriotic and condemnable in this transitional period for SERAP to dabble irrationally to matters that does not concern it; adding that for SERAP to have referred to that laudable meeting as NBC threat and calling on NBC to withdraw the threat, actually depicts the calibre of people in thatNGO called SERAP.

The Media Group concluded by admonishing SERAP that if its looking for relevance at all costs, it should do so responsibly as its yesterday’s outbursts on NBC is highly baseless and nonsensical. ‘Instead of towing the line of other responsible CSOs and NGOs, SERAP has turned itself to nuisance as it found nothing good in whatever FG Agencies and Top Functionaries are doing…it said.

SERAP could as well tell the CBN and NDIC to stop dictating monetary policies and effecting regulatory roles to Commercial Banks in the Country….This is Nigeria – the giant Nation in Africa – NOT a jungle!

SERAP must caution itself and be cautioned on several condemnable and irrational steps and attacks on Government Agencies and Functionaries if patriotism means anything to them

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