Kwara United Deserves A Healthy Management By  Dele Obaseesin


It’s been ages that lovers of grassroots football have been craving for healthy football management that can change the face and narrative of football in Kwara State, lovers of Kwara United football club across board have been hoping for a better day in the club.

Earlier before 2019, the club relegated to the second tier league ‘Nigeria National League’. It would be recalled that the club was already warming up for the NNL season before the mantle was switched from Delta Force, after the ÓTÓGẸ́ struggle that brought in the current administration of the club on board. We were happy and commended the efforts of his Excellency, Mall. AbdulRahaman AbdulRazaq in making sure he sees football lovers coming around often to watch harmony Boys playing their home game in the stadium.

What is a healthy management;?

1. A healthy football management would be open to all, not a club running like a cult.

2. A healthy football management would know what it’s responsibilities are, in terms of exposure, creativity and new innovations, not running the affairs of the club like a family engagement in a village, leaving in the past.

3. A healthy football management would have the interest of the club at heart, and not their own selfish interest, the interest of the management should be prioritized.

4. A healthy football management would come out and address the media, be outspoken and be proud to diseminate tangible information to the general public, not a club that has communication deficiency even with the media officers they claimed to have.

5. A healthy football management will plan ahead for the club, plan series of activities i.e training /seminar for players officials inclusive and other creative activities that can make them outstanding. Remo Star did something of such few days ago.

6. A healthy football management would utilize every resources available and even be sensitive to convert any given chance to opportunity, not a management that sleeps and slumber on resources and give flimsy excuses.

7. A healthy football management will understand business strategy in order to change the club’s finance narrative.

Gospel truth!, this is the only club, where you hear different stories from the club officers, this act is so pathetic and disheartening, to give gentlemen of the press useful information about the club, players and all they should know, becomes a problem, i could remember Junior Lokosa’s issue vividly which caused different problems before he finally left the club, a similar thing happened when the immediate gaffer of the club, Coach Abdullahi Biffo left the club.

I keep asking myself is the club crawling or dozing off!

Transparency becomes a taboo, we heard several stories during the continental matches that the club played in Lagos recently, it was very had for the media to get authentic and correct information because the club has refused to address the local media in the state. We heard the club received a huge amount of money which nobody knew what happened afterwards.

My view on how the club is being managed over the years, i think the club is a living ghost despite the huge amount of money heavily invested to resuscitate the club from the pit of Hell.

To whom much is given, much is duely expected, the current administration is playing it’s role to enssure that there’s much development in Sporting activities in the state, but unfortunately reverse becomes the case.

Development should start from all department of the club. The culture which the club adopted is becoming old, and ‘Archaic’. Living in the past is just a misplaced priority and not setting your goals correctly.

There’s a huge gap between the sport Lovers and the club, the club dug a pit to avoid sport lovers coming around knowing more about the club so bad.

Whatever is worth doing is worth doing well; media should be the bridge between the club and the fans. Unfortunately media is not recognized, with the huge amount the club receives i guess the club expect media personnel that comes around to cover their activities to be doing pro-bono services, No, it is not done that way.

A football club is not a cult, nor a traditionalist Group, truthfully it has media unit, headed by experts, but what is the role of the club on the unit, Media has its role to play in the club. Incase the management of the club don’t know the impact of media in sports, Media Fosters fan engagement with original content from leagues, teams, coaches, and players. They Promotes events, create and share live sports content like live video, goal announcements, etc. It’s quite worrisome when i see how Kwara United management relates with media personnel who should help in promoting the image of the club.

It is better to learn from other clubs around, so that there can be a drastic change in behavior and Psyche.

It is not about lobbying or begging. Kwara United fails to understand the importance of treating sport reporters who are always present at the stadium to cover their home games, and others that keep Kwarans informed using their various platforms. It has not been so before now, the welfare of media personnel was never taken with levity hand. This administration stopped it.

Where is this club heading to?

Beyond every reasonable doubt, we deserve a healthy and sane handling!

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