Kwara Productive Circle Launches Business Mentorship Program for Kwara Central Students


In a significant move, the non-governmental organization (NGO) known as Kwara Productive Circle has extended its mission to foster entrepreneurship among youth by introducing a Leadership and Business Mentorship Program. This program has been initiated for students of Kwara Central Senatorial District which held on Friday at Eruda Primary School in Ilorin West Local Government area of Kwara State.

Kwara Productive Circle is a collective of young business owners who have united with the common goal of enlightening and inspiring secondary school students about the world of entrepreneurship from a young age. Under the theme “The Teens Business Summer Series,” this seminar seeks to impart valuable knowledge to students.

Ibrahim Muktar Afonja, Co-Convener of the group, expressed that their primary objective is to visit various summer lessons in the Three Senatorial Districts of the State. Here, they aim to empower young minds with the skills needed to assume leadership roles and initiate their own business ventures.

Afonja urged the youth of Kwara State to consider venturing into business, emphasizing that serving as role models for future generations is of utmost importance. He emphasized that KPC is a non-political group, comprising young entrepreneurs from diverse political backgrounds who are enthusiastic about using their experiences to inspire secondary school students.

Mr. Hakeem Gawata Arikewuyo, President of the Baboko Ward Youth Development Association, praised the initiative as a commendable program that holds great promise for the younger generation. He called upon the organizers to go to great lengths to garner government support and involvement, stressing the potential benefits to citizens. Arikewuyo also encouraged the youth to fully embrace this program as a means to attain self-reliance and self-sufficiency.

Khadijat Eyitanwa Lawal highlighted the discovery of talent among the students and urged the government to step in and empower them through their existing empowerment programs. This development signifies a positive step towards nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit among the youth in Kwara State.

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