Kwara PDP blasts APC for Failing Governance, Neglected Infrastructures in the state


The Kwara Peoples Democratic party (PDP) can only watch in complete sadness as the governance in kwara state is now in free fall. Kwarans are totally appalled by the state of infrastructural decay and lack of attention from the Kwara state All progressives Congress (APC) regime. The poverty level and the security situation in the state is horrible and depressing. Kidnapings are now a daily occurrence in kwara state.

In a press release signed by State PRO of the Party, Prince Tunji Moronfuoye and obtained by Just Event Online TV on Friday

We know that, the state Governor Mal. Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq has “won” a second term by dashing out various ludicrous amounts to associations and individuals before the 2023 general elections. He now has a “national assignment” as Governor’s forum Chairman, a position that the then opposition denigrated, when Dr. Abubakar ‘Bukola Saraki (CON) held sway at that position over a decade ago, for two unprecedented terms. This “National Assignment” for the state governor now takes precedence over the running of kwara state affairs. Roads are filled with potholes and mountain of garbage has taken over every road, daily running of the state has to wait until the governor “has time” for Kwara state.

The garbage mountains got so bad that a non governmental organization, Blue-lily Humanitarian and Empowerment Initiative from Lagos, had to step in to assist Kwara state to evacuate the huge mess on the General Tunde Idiagbon road, (University road) at Tanke. We wonder what happened to budgeted funds for such operations.
Rather unfortunately, the shameless Kwara APC regime are still arrogant in their consistent failure by celebrating such a disgrace to Kwarans.

Our questions remain, how did the last administrations manage to keep Kwara state as one of the cleanest state of the federation? How did the last administrations manage to repair portholes and build new roads with minimal funds and effort? Another pertinent question is, how come the Eastern reservoir road Tanke, constructed just months ago is now filled with portholes, not to mention the huge manhole that was never covered on the road since it was constructed.

Till today the kwara APC regime has not completed and commission a single land mark project, after four years of misrule, hundreds of Billions in revenue from the federal government and internal generated revenue (IGR). To add insult to our injury, the “newly re-appointed” Chief Press Secretary (CPS) to the governor, Mal. Rafiu Ajakaye, allegedly called into a live radio program recently, to tell Kwarans not to expect new developmental projects because of the current economic downturn.

We at the kwara PDP hereby put it to the Kwara state APC regime that they had no intentions of carrying out any developmental projects anyway, that is after throwing around Kwara state funds like a drunken sailor before the 2023 general elections.

At this point, we can only pray feverently that God intervenes on behalf of Kwarans, as governance by the APC is in free fall.


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