Kwara INEC holds Inaugural Ramadan Lecture


The Kwara State Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) Muslim Community has organized its inaugural Ramadan Lecture with the Theme Governance and Civic Responsibilities :The Role of Muslims

In his sermon, guest lecturer Barr Imam Ismail Dare Olawuwo shed light on the essential role that Muslims play in upholding good governance and fulfilling their civic duties.

Drawing from his wealth of Islamic knowledge and experience, he emphasized the importance of active participation in the democratic process and highlighted the ethical principles that should guide Muslims in their interactions with society.

He said “It encompasses a commitment to justice, integrity, and service to humanity. As Muslims, we are called to uphold these values and contribute positively to the development of our communities.”

Speaking with Just Event Online TV on the significance of the event, Kwara Resident Electoral Commissioner, Alhaji Abubakar Muhammad Sadiq said, we are delighted to have hosted this inaugural Ramadan Lecture as the Muslim Community in Kwara INEC,

Speaking further he said events like these provide valuable opportunities for dialogue and learning, enabling us to strengthen bonds, he advised the staff of the commission to make use of lecture delivered.

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