Kwara Deputy Speaker, Rt Hon Ojo Olayiwola played host to Renowned Thespian Adebayo Salami, others

In a display of cultural affinity and collaboration between the world of politics and entertainment, the Deputy Speaker of the Kwara State House of Assembly, Rt Hon Ojo Olayiwola, warmly received thespian Adebayo Salami, popularly known as Oga Bello, along with his children who are also actors Tope Adebayo and Tijani Adebayo, earlier today.

Just Event Online reports, that the meeting, held at the Deputy Speaker’s office, marked a significant convergence of two influential spheres – politics and the arts. Oga Bello, a veteran in the Nigerian film industry, is renowned for his prolific contributions to Nollywood. His presence, along with the presence of Tope Adebayo and Tijani Adebayo, added an air of prestige and cultural significance to the event.

Rt Hon Ojo Olayiwola, who has been an avid advocate for the promotion of arts and culture within Kwara State, emphasized the importance of collaboration between politics and entertainment in fostering a sense of community and shared identity. He expressed his appreciation for the visiting icons and their dedication to their craft, which has not only entertained but also educated and inspired countless individuals.

During the meeting, conversations spanned a wide range of topics, from the role of the arts in shaping society to the potential for creative partnerships to enhance the cultural landscape of Kwara State. The Deputy Speaker applauded the dedication of the entertainment industry in reflecting the diverse narratives and experiences of the Nigerian people.

Oga Bello, Tope Adebayo, and Tijani Adebayo, in turn, commended the Deputy Speaker’s commitment to the arts and his efforts to create an environment where creativity and expression can thrive.

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