Kwara Deputy Speaker, Hon Ojo Olayiwola, Extends Heartfelt Condolence to Hon. Owolabi Razak Over Grandmother’s Passing

In a touching display of solidarity and empathy, the Deputy Speaker of the Kwara State House of Assembly, Rt Hon Ojo Olayiwola, has reached out with a heartfelt message of condolence to Honorable Owolabi Razak, the representative of the Share/Oke-ode constituency.

In a press release made available to Just Event Online TV on Sunday by media aide to deputy speaker

The condolences come following the passing of Hon. Owolabi Razak’s beloved grandmother, Alhaja Owolabi Asiwaju, affectionately known as “Iya Salewa.”

The Deputy Speaker’s condolence message underscores the unity and support within the Kwara State House of Assembly, as members rally around one of their own during a time of personal loss. The message also highlights the importance of acknowledging the contributions and legacies of individuals within their communities.

Alhaja Owolabi Asiwaju, “Iya Salewa,” leaves behind a legacy of warmth, wisdom, and community involvement. Her impact on the lives of her family members and those around her has been recognized by Hon. Ojo Olayiwola, who praised her contributions to the community. He lauded her as a pillar of strength and a source of inspiration for her family and friends.

The Deputy Speaker prays to Almighty to grant the deceased eternal peace and seek solace to the family she left behind

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