Kwara Deputy Speaker Eulogizes Governor AbdulRazaq on Birthday Anniversary, Says He’s uncommon liberator


The Deputy Speaker of the Kwara State House of Assembly, Rt Hon Ojo Olayiwola, has congratulated Governor AbdulRazaq Abdul Rahman on the occasion of his birthday anniversary, hailing him as an “uncommon liberator”

In a press release made available to Just Event Online TV on Monday, the Deputy Speaker highlighted the role the Governor has played in rescuing the state from the brink of collapse.

Hon Olayiwola stressed that Governor AbdulRazaq’s timely intervention has brought relief and hope to the people of Kwara.

“The Governor came at a time when Kwarans and Kwara needed someone to rescue them from the brinks of collapse. Your coming on board has brought relief and hope to everyone in Kwara,” the Deputy Speaker, said

On behalf of himself and his family, expressing hopes for the Governor’s long life and prosperity

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