Kwara Poly 27th Convocation: Institution Granted Radio Operation, it will encourage professionalism and curb mediocrity – Rector

By Rukayat Shittu

The Rector, Kwara State Polythechnics Ilorin, Engr. (Dr) Abdul Jimoh Mohammed said the institution of higher learning has been granted approval to operate radio station.

He made the disclosure during a press conference convened to usher in the 27th convocation ceremony of the institution on Tuesday.

“Following the approval granted by the NBC for the institution of higher learning to operate Kwara Poly Radio-frequency, we have procured the transmitter; Dipol Antea and construction of mast to enable the station to commence operation very soon”

This is one of the key requirements for HND accreditation”,he said.

He further added that the radio, when fully operational, it would encourage professionalism and curb mediocrity in the broadcasting industry, while It will serve as a training institute for broadcasters and prospective broadcasters

On another part, the rector also made it known that, the polytechnic’s certificate is now being printed abroad by a reputable printing outfit which contains eight hidden security features to protect its integrity and make it forge-proof.

Stressing that, this will assist in providing a lasting solution to the issue or certificate racketeering in the polytechnic by fraudulent elements.

Speaking on sustenance of peaceful coexistence on the campus, Dr Abdul Jimoh, said the Polytechnic has been able to sustain existing peace on the campuses of the institution.

“The Management partnered with Security Agencies and the neighboring Communities to adequately beet up the Security of the Polytechnic Environment

These efforts have resulted in a cult-free Polytechnic”.

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