IYD2020: Gadaff charges stakeholders, NGOs to focus more on connecting generations together by avoiding any form of disparaging remarks or discrimination


This is the official speech of
Hon. Sulaimon Lekan Gadaff at the champion Educational Foundation at the international youth summit. Tagged “Topic Intergenerational solidarity: creating a safe world for all ages”.

In recent times, attention has been given to the topic: intergenerational solidarity: creating a safe world for all ages. Why intergenerational solidarity? What do you comprehend from the phrase? What does it mean? And how can we achieve a safe word for all ages? These are special areas of concern for us to discuss today.

What is intergenerational? Intergenerational means classes of generation or several generations. In essence, we are referring to more than one generation in this context. That is every generation without any form of discrimination based on age, gender or class etc.

This takes us to the next word, ‘solidarity’. Solidarity simply means unity, agreement or mutual dependency among groups.

Put together, intergenerational solidarity simply refers to unity, support and mutual assistance across generations. This is very vital in achieving all-around growth and sustainable development. In essence, we cannot negotiate or joke with intergenerational solidarity. It is a very important task that requires a collaborative effort from everyone to promote and enhance successful intergenerational relations that is free from all forms of bias, discrimination, prejudices etc.

When we talk of international solidarity, political scientists lay emphasis more on equal political rights, sociologists emphasizes more on equal social opportunities, and economists canvases for more equitable economic opportunities while lawyers advocate for equal rights and justice for all. Therefore, when we look at this multidimensional aspect of intergenerational solidarity, we can wisely say that intergenerational solidarity encompasses
tackling menacing issues across the globe to have a safe word for all ages.

*What are these global issues?*

These global issues are multifaceted – climate change, employment, human rights, economic inequality, ageing, poverty, security, health, youths, governance etc.

The importance of solving these issues could be seen in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) agenda.

Therefore how do we create a safe word for all ages?

First, we need to dwell more on exploring the vitality and potential of all classes of generations to solve these global issues especially as contained in the Sustainable Development goals.

To make this task a noteworthy expedition without any failure, it is important to avoid any form of discrimination based on age, gender or class. By so doing, we would have successful clear the bush for fertile ground where we can breed and promote all-inclusive growth and development, peace and stability.

In contemporary times, progressive barriers such as poverty, unemployment and bad governance remain a global phenomenon with disastrous consequences far worst than the covid19 pandemic. Therefore if we must create a safe world for all ages, these progressive barriers require sophisticated policies and laws.

When policies that promote equal socio-political and economic rights across all spheres irrespective of age, class or gender differences are formulated and implemented, we will be able to sleep without two eyes closed (that is, live in comfort).

Also, we need to create, enhance and sustain friendly relationships and discourse between diverse generations. When the young comes in contact with the other generation, there is always a unique opportunity for them to drink from the wisdom of the ages. The United Nations understands this success secret better than also developed countries in the world.

A cursory look into developed countries of the world such as Germany and China shows clearly that they place youth at the centre of their policies and aspirations. There is virtually no aspect of these nations’ politico-socio and economic sectors that lacks the commanding presence of the youths.

In conclusion, human capacity development programs will go a long way in creating a safe world for all ages. As individuals, no effort is little. Please I’m using this medium to call on all stakeholders, including NGOs to focus more on connecting generations together by avoiding any form of disparaging remarks or discrimination.

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