IEYDA host members for Iftar

why are you so ungrateful to Allah ?- Imam Ajetumobi to Muslims


The Leading Social Cultural Group in Ilorin, “Ilorin Emirate Youth Development Association (IEYDA)”, on Sunday has hosted its members for Iftar at the Association’s National Secretariat, Aishat Adepate House, Edun Ilorin, Kwara State

IEYDA as an association comprising youths from all the cities and towns across the five LGA had charged itself with the responsibility of tackling likely challenges within the emirate, and ultimately promoting peace and development

The National President of IEYDA, Alh Abdullah Babatunde, Salaudeen, in his opening remarks said the tafsir and Iftar were meant to share the blessings of Ramadan while promoting harmony and mutual understanding in Ilorin Emirate.

On his part, the association’s National Publicity Secretary Alh Mohammed Uthman Jagunma enjoined the members to continue to pray for the leadership of the state and country at large, also Pray for Allah’s blessings and mercies on members and BoT of the association

Earlier in his sermon, Chief Imam Ajetunmobi Mosque, Sheik Murtala Ajetunmobi called on believers that Allah is one and Muhammad is His messenger! what exactly are you praying for that has made you say lots of horrible words to the one that made you? is your problems, Have you been tested with an Illness that you have to beg for funds to buy drugs or to survive? Have you not been breathing without aid? Then why are you so ungrateful?

Chief Imam Ajetunmobi

Another opportunity is here for you, make good use of the best days of the year, pray to Him, and seek His forgiveness. Also, remind the audience of the numerous blessings of Allah that he gifted to all that is alone deserve to praise HIM before we asked for more.

Shortly after the lecture IEYDA National Missioner, Alh. Murtala Ottan prayed for Indigenes of Ilorin Emirate both at home and diaspora

We beseech you to heal those that are sick, Console and strengthen those that are grieving, bless the barren with pious children, Rectify the affairs for everyone,
Wipe the secret tears and redeem the glory and honor of Nigeria,

Alh. Murtala Ottan

Grant us peace and tranquility, and especially pray for more blessing, and wealth from Allah on all the members of IEYDA.

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