How Oloriegbe Changes The Face of PHCs with Equipment Facilitation

with Equipment Facilitation • 12 PHCs Equipped, More To Benefit


With the addition of the Ogele Primary Health Care Centre, Ogele Ward, Asa Local Government Area of Kwara State, on Tuesday, the efforts to elevate the quality of healthcare delivery accessible to the people at the grassroots reached another climax as the Senator representing Kwara Central, Dr Ibrahim Yahaya Oloriegbe, has thus far facilitated medical equipment of various type to no fewer than 12 Primary Health Care Centres and comprehensive renovation of decayed health facilities for improved services to the people of Kwara Central Senatorial District.

This gesture is in complement to the previous milestones that had been recorded in the pursuit of the enduring zeal to strengthen community-based health services to afford people, irrespective of socio-economic status, access to quality health services and wipe away the barriers that vitiate healthcare delivery.

According to the Senator’s media aide, Bolaji Aladie, the equipped facilities were carefully selected in a manner that entrenches the culture of equity and even-handed distribution of resources, the practice for which the lawmaker has gained a reputation in fulfilment of the goal to deliver quality, adequate, and equitable services to the constituents.

These interventions which have been described as timely and unprecedentedly beneficial by various health officials and residents of the benefitting communities were intended to address disparities occasioned by socio-economic factors in the access to quality health services and improve the general wellness of the people.

The equipped health facilities thus far were;

– Alanamu Basic Health Centre, Alanamu Ward, Ilorin West LGA.

– Badari Health Centre, Badari Ward, Ilorin West LGA.

– Ogidi Banni Health Centre, Ogidi Ward, Ilorin West LGA.

– Oju-Ekun Basic Health Center, Oju-Ekun/Zarumi Ward, Ilorin West LGA.

-Okelele Comprehensive Health Centre, Ibagun Ward, Ilorin East LGA.

– Magaji-Are Primary Health Center, Magaji Are Ward 1, Ilorin East LGA.

– Oke-Oyi Primary Health Center, Oke-Oyi/Oke Ose Alalubosa Ward, Ilorin East LGA.

– Oke-Sunna Primary Health Center, Zango Ward, Ilorin East LGA.

– Balogun Fulani Primary Health Center, Balogun Fulani Ward 1, Ilorin South LGA.

– Magaji-Ajomun Primary Health Center, Akanbi Ward II, Lorin South LGA.

– Otte Comprehensive Health Center, Otte-Bala Ward, Asa LGA.

– Ogele Primary Health Center, Ogele Ward, Asa LGA.

The Senator however gives assurance that more health facilities would benefit from equipment and other various interventions before his tenure runs out.

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