How I’ll handle separatists — Peter Obi

The Presidential candidate of the Labour Party, Mr. Peter Obi, has given an insight into his plans for handling the hydra headed challenges facing Nigeria in the area of security, healthcare delivery, the economy as well as the education sector if elected President come February 25.

Obi spoke who spoke during The Peoples Townhall, an event organised by Channels Television in conjunction with several of its partners in Abuja, yesterday.

On the issue of security under which separatist agitations fall under, the LP candidate said his administration would adopt the carrot and stick approach.

He explained that by this, he means first using dialogue to win over the aggrieved persons and applying the military option when necessary to ensure the protection of Nigerian lives and property.

Obi said: “We are in a democratic dispensation; you govern by discussing, you govern by consensus. So, I will sit down and discuss with every agitator without exception of name. We must use carrot and stick (approach).

“I will discuss with those who want to discuss. You have to look at what is causing agitations today; it is issues of injustice, issues of where there is no fairness, issues to do with poverty, unemployment.

“When you start to address these issues and you engage them in discussions and you start bringing them to the table, no agitator anywhere in the world will see reason that things are going the way they ought to and will continue to agitate because they are agitating for something.”

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