Hon Nimota Oba Wankasi empowered Women & Students in Sarumi/Ojuekun Ward,Ilorin West Local,Kwara State.

Awards Scholarship/Cash donation to Students & aged women.Distribution of kits to beneficiaries of skill acquisition Scheme.

Former Federal House of Representatives,Asa/Ilorin West Local Government Federal Constituency and PDP stalwart Hon Nimota Oba Sulaiman Wankasi in her usual character has empowered hundreds from her constituent at Popoigbona zone,Sarumi/oju ekun Ward, Ilorin West Local Government Area,Kwara State.

The beneficiary(ies) were picked from Oju Ekun Arin,Sarumi/Ojuekun ward and Ilorin West/Asa Local Government aimed at allievating poverty and suffering amongst her community.

The former law maker attributed the high rate of poverty in Kwara in particular and Nigeria at large to No clear cut policy and programs targeted at poverty reduction in our society.In a situation where the prices of food stuffs are skyrocketed,the possibility of putting stable foods on the table by the less privileged people become difficult and makes their living conditions unbearable.

She however,advised the electorate to come out and vote for Alh Atiku Abubakar as president,Alh Yaman Abdulahi as Governor,Alh Bolaji Abdulahi,Mall Ibrahim Mohammed Ajia,Hon Wahab oladimeji Issa,Mall Isiaq Saka Saad and other PDP Senatorial,House of Representatives,and State House of Assembly Candidates in the state at the forthcoming general Election.

In his remarks,the PDP State House of Assembly candidate,Mall Isiaq Saka Saad Commended Hon Nimota Oba for her magnanimity and support for the less privileged people in the society.

Tyling machine, interlocking making tools, cash for traders, women empowerment was given to the people. Also scholarships was awarded for secondary school students

In their respective submissions, the beneficiaries commended the kind act. They maintained that what was given will go a long way in sustaining their livelihood.

In attendance are Mall Saka Saad,PDP state House of Assembly for Alanamu/Ajikobi Constituency,Alh Jimoh Adesina Ojingo Kwara PDP Elder,Sparow,Alh Ismaila Wankasi,Hon Salihu Yusuf (Adabata)Mall Gani Abutu,Alh Idris Wankasi,Mall Tunde Idiagbon,Alh Mudazir Babaita,Wards and Local Government party delegations.

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