Happy Birthday To The Proprietor of Lenspoly Offa, Dr. Azeez Yisa Bukky

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Today is special and significant in the life of a remarkable leader, a financial expert, an administrator per excellence, Heisten of thought, builder of talents and a great mentor, Dr. Azeez Issa Bukky.

Birthday is special and distinctive and its distinctive nature is refined in wishes and goodwill messages from friends, families, employees, colleagues, subordinates, and contemporaries from afar and near. By now, heaps of messages would have flooded Dr. Issa’s phones with many lots of gifts and picture frame presentations, not because of being the proprietor of Lens Polytechnic Offa but because of his reserved humility and respect for all and sundry.

Dr. Azeez is a man of the people. His dictates and exemplary lifestyle do not only reflect his refined simplicity but that of a man of timber and caliber with inestimable value.

The free flow of any organization or institution depends on a finesse leader, a finesse leader is always pragmatic and diplomatic. Dr. Azeez Issa’s diplomacy and pragmatism are embedded in his charismatic tendency to build human capacity for economic growth and national development. His intellectual prowess has produced leaders who are making waves in their various fields of endeavors and has equally placed him high among notable scholars of repute in the field of accounting; he is not just knowledgeable, he is a reservoir of knowledge making remarkable impacts in the lives of the people around him.

Dr. Azeez Issa identifies and discovers distinctive talents who find a threshold in collective and individual strength. Through his distinctive ability, he solidifies his leadership formation with an intellectual squad with motivation and a committed spirit. He is a complete visionary leader in many ways. Still, his face always wears a pleasing smiles. He is a rare mankind who comes with a highly humane personality.

Impressively, every 9th of September marks the day a rare gem was born into a noble family in Offa, the ancient town in Kwara State. Dr. Issa Azeez is a renowned academician with affluence, influence, and investment in education. He is like Iroko Tree in the field of Financial Accounting. His personality as a public figure and humble background reflect his kind, generous, cordial, and interpersonal relationships among staffers and the people around him.

Like the word of Shakespeare, greatness can be inborn, inherited, and can be attained through hard work and diligence, Dr. Azeez is a beneficiary of God’s favour with the three tiers of greatness. He is born great, he inherited greatness and acquired it through hard work and diligence. His high level of intelligence and intellectual capacity as an academic scholar does not stop him from relating freely and harmoniously with his subordinates. His humility is refined in his simplicity.

Allah says in the Holy Quran that those who spend charitably in the course of religion, he has provided a reserved place for them in paradise, to buttress this are those martyrs who were given the certificates to paradise right from their lifetime. Those martyrs still remain and alive spending for charity. They are in different localities assisting people and giving hope to the hopeless.

Dr. Azeez Issa in no doubt, is one of the rare gems on earth whose existence remains a blessing to the mankind, to his family, and to the entire Lens Polytechnic community.

Offa is blessed with notable illustrious sons and daughters making waves in different fields of endeavor across the globe. Dr. Azeez Issa is one of these numerous numbers of fulfilled Offa sons. He sees the world as transient and beyond himself, he is like one of the heroes that found their ways into the pages of History as a subject.

This year’s birthday like others is blessed and fulfilled, may you continue to experience God’s unlimited favor, blessing, and protection in all ramifications. May your wishes and desires come to pass and may all your missions for the Lens institutions be accomplished beyond imagination.

Happy Birthday to the man with a progressive lens, May it not be the last celebration on earth. I wish you many more prosperous years ahead in more wealth and sound health.

Happy Birthday to you sir. Cheers!

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