Group holds youth conversation, profer solutions to Nigeria problems

As part of efforts towards proffering maximum solution to the current problems bedeviling Nigeria, Ameliorators International Initiatives on Wednesday organized an interactive program, themed “The Youth Conversations for New Nigeria #ANigeriaForTheMany.

The event which took place at Queen Elizabeth secondary school Ilorin, had in attendance, sound minds from various institutions and sectors who delebrated on the country’s way forward.

The CEO of Ameliorators International Initiatives, and the convener of the event Mr Yakub Ishowo, while giving his remark said, what gave birth to the program was the aftermath of the”EndSars protest”

What have we achieved as youths after the “EndSARS protest”

He urged the youths to be open-minded and be of good conduct.

“We can achieve the kind of Nigeria we want if we work together and organize more of this movement”

On his part, Comrade Tajudeen Habeebullah while delivering his lecture said, If a country has the right leadership, things will be different and to achieve that the youth must picture themselves in the future of Nigeria.

He urged them to have a positive mindset towards the country.
“If you want to have a positive mindset about Nigeria, you can have it depending on how you picture the country in your mind”

He identified the three biggest challenges facing the country as poor education, insecurity and poor economy.
Added that until there is a standard education in Nigeria the country will be stagnant.

“Nigeria has a lot of problems but we can start solving them by proffering sound solutions to the issues we are going through.”

The participants were divided into five groups and were given questions concerning the country and asked to proffer solutions to them.

Three representatives from each group made presentations and did justice to the questions.

The program ended with a vote of thanks by the Director of programs Ameliorators International Initiatives, Shafihi Abdulrasheed Oladimeji.


Partners of the program include Citizens’ Common, Voice, From Protest to Action, Youth Action, and Ameliorator International Initiative

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