Gov AbdulRazaq’s Healthcare Agenda Gets Support from Akeem Ayinla Foundation

As AAF founder commissions Health Center in Oke Ode


The Akeem Ayinla Foundation on Wednesday commissioned a Basic Health Center (Dispensary Unit) in Oke Ode Community, Ifelodun Local Government Area, to support Governor AbdulRazaq AbdulRahman.

Speaking with newsmen, the Director of Project Management (DPM) of Ifelodun Local Government, Hon. Tsonfada Ibrahim Idris, commended the Akeem Ayinla Foundation for its invaluable contribution to the community’s progress.

He noted that investment in the health sector is an investment in humanity and urged the medical officers in the clinic to make judicious use of the facility.

A member of the royal family expressed sincere appreciation to the foundation for recognizing the importance of revitalizing healthcare infrastructure.

She emphasized the need for continued support, particularly in the provision of medical supplies to enable the center to operate efficiently.

Alhaji Nasirudeen Salaudeen, Chairman of Oke Ode Community, expressed gratitude to the Akeem Ayinla Foundation for its philanthropic endeavors.

He acknowledged the foundation’s dedication to community development, despite not being native to Oke Ode, underscoring the significance of their altruistic gesture.

The founder of the Akeem Ayinla Foundation, Hon. Akeem Ishola Ayinla, stated that it is unjust for some to enjoy good health facilities while others lack access to quality healthcare services.

He shared that he felt compelled to spend his hard-earned money on humanitarian services.

“In February, we constructed and renovated classrooms in Masudo, and today we are handing over a renovated basic health center to the local government. We are only doing all these to support the administration of Gov. AbdulRazaq AbdulRahman,” Ayinla said.

Speaking further, he emphasized that the Akeem Ayinla Foundation remains resolute in its mission to empower communities, foster sustainable development, and drive positive change throughout Nigeria.

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