GDSS Alore Alumni Association Donates Book to Foster Reading Culture


Luqman Basheer, an alumnus of Government Day Secondary School (GDSS) Alore, and other members of GDSS Alore alumni association on Wednesday, visited their alma mater to donate a book titled “Public Speaking Star” authored by Luqman Basheer himself.

The donation aimed to promote a reading culture among the pupils, students, and teachers of the school.

The event marked a significant moment in the school’s history as the alumni association demonstrated their commitment to giving back to their former institution.

Luqman Basheer, who has achieved success as an author, inspired the students with his journey and encouraged them to develop a love for reading and writing.

The book, “Public Speaking Star,” offers valuable insights and practical tips on effective public speaking, a crucial skill for success in various aspects of life.

By donating this book, the alumni association hopes to empower the students with confidence and competence in communication.

In their reactions, the school management and staff expressed gratitude to the alumni association for their generosity and support. The students were also thrilled to receive the book, and many showed eagerness to dive into its pages, sparking a newfound enthusiasm for reading and self-improvement.

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