Flooding: Gobir Tasks Rich Nigerians On Victims Welfare, Moves To Complete Face Lift Of 200 Years Old Mosque

Flooding: Gobir Tasks Rich Nigerians On Victims Welfare, Moves To Complete Face Lift Of 200 Years Old Mosque


Alhaji Waziri Yakubu Gobir, governorship candidate, Young Progressives Party, YPP, has charged large hearted Nigerians not to leave the management of the flooding distasters reported across the country in the hands of government alone, stating that matters of climate change and the attendent human displacement should be tackled with inputs from all.

He made this comment in Ilorin while also explaining his reasons for taking over the renovation of the 200 years old Gambari Mosque, a monument full of historical antiquities.

The mosque requires at least N250 million for its completion but has been dragging for three years.

Speaking on the environmental disaster, Gobir said that putting all the blames on federal government or state government affected doesn’t solve the problem.

“It’s about climate change; a phenomenon we don’t fully understand yet.

“I believe that large hearted Nigerians with means must pitch in to support whatever government brings,” he said.

Speaking on the Gambari Mosque, the governorship aspirants said that he study of the stall in rebuilding process of the religious monument showed that nobody was really taking charge.

“It’s not about being rich.
“I am not the richest man in Kwara or Nigeria, but I have always put my money and resources in things that are meaningful to people.

The land on which mosque was built, historically, was donated by the Gobir family in the 17 century.

For two centuries, it has been a centre for Quranic Tafsir during Ramadan.

Also, Eid-Prayers have been taking place in the Mosque for more than 200years.

Sheu Alimi, founder of the Ilorin Emirate attended Jummat Prayer and Tafsir in the mosque.

The mosque is now undergoing architectural and structural modifications to reflect its historical status, after the foundation laying performed by the Emir of Ilorin, Alh (Dr) Ibrahim Sulu Gambari CFR.

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