Flood may sack four million Nigerians, says IOM

The International Organisation for Migration has warned that 4.2 million Nigerians are at risk of displacement as the annual rainy season intensifies in 2023.

This prediction is part of the IOM’s 2023 Nigeria Response Overview Disaster Preparedness Plan issued in response to the country’s growing threat of climate-induced disaster.

According to the report, an estimated $20m will be needed to secure the most vulnerable populations against the inevitable floods through shelter and relocation efforts from May to October.

“The funds would be used for immediate rescue missions and longer-term resettlement and rehabilitation initiatives,” the IOM said.

In view of the upcoming rainy season, IOM said, “It is preparing to implement a set of early actions to improve the preparedness and response capacities of government authorities and community members as well as strengthen the coping mechanisms.”

It says although the Nigerian government “has been making efforts to improve disaster preparedness, such as setting up early warning systems and strengthening the capacity of local communities to respond to such calamities, these initiatives often fall short due to limited resources and the sheer scale of the challenge.”

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