FCT to crush 20 seized ‘rickety’ vehicles, 10 tricycles

The Directorate of Road Traffic Services at the Federal Capital Territory Administration impounded at least 20 rickety vehicles, 10 tricycles and 15 motorcycles on Tuesday and indicated that it would crush them.

The News Agency of Nigeria quoted the directorate’s Head of Operations, Mrs Deborah Osho, as telling journalists during the raid that owners of the vehicles would also be prosecuted.

Osho said they would be prosecuted either for using rickety vehicles, for operating from illegal motor parks or for breaking the law against the operation of commercial motorcycles and tricycles.

She explained that the raid was conducted to rid the FCT of illegal motor parks, rickety vehicles that were not road-worthy, tricycles, and motorcycles and to keep the city clean.

She said, “The main goal is to keep the city clean and free of rickety vehicles littering the streets of the capital city.

“Most of the commercial taxis, motorcycles and tricycles constituted a nuisance in the nation’s capital city. This is unacceptable

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