Engr Cook Rilwan’s Birthday Prayer Unites Kwarans


In a remarkable display of unity transcending political affiliations, professions, and religious beliefs, hundreds of Kwarans gathered yesterday to celebrate the birthday anniversary of Engr Cook Rilwan Amode, stressing his significant contributions to human capital development.

Amidst the diverse crowd, attendees from various walks of life set aside differences to honour him, highlighting his role in fostering community cohesion.

Distinguished guests, including scholars and key figures in Kwara politics, took the opportunity to commend his commitment to building a stronger community.

Abdulwaheed Onikaun, a prominent public affairs figure, delivered a lecture on the importance of living a life worthy of emulation, citing Engr Rilwan’s positive impact on people within his sphere of influence.

He urged Engr Rilwan to continue his efforts and encouraged other youths to follow his example.

Other speakers lauded the philanthropic endeavours of the celebrant, recognizing his generosity and dedication to uplifting others.

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