ENetSuD Stands Firm Amidst Criticisms, Urges Opponents to Provide Contrary Evidence on Kwara Hotel Renovation


ENetSuD’s attention has been called to a series of noise-making by some faceless individuals who are purporting to support the Kwara State Government’s decision to award the renovation contract of Kwara Hotel for a sum of ₦17.8 billion.

this was contained in press release obtained by Just Event Online TV on Sunday signed by Gambari Volvo, Director, Investigation and Public Petition (Kwara Central),
Elites Network for Sustainable Development (ENetSuD)

These noisemakers have been calling ENetSuD series of laughable names for disclosing that the market value of Kwara Hotel in year 2022, as contained in the evaluation report of Jide Taiwo & Co that was contracted by the government, was Five Billion, Four Hundred and Twenty-Seven Million, Four Hundred Thousand naira (₦5,427,400,000) only.

We have also provided an anatomical description of the Kwara Hotel to enable citizens know the structures that make up the ₦5.4 billion-worth hotel.

They were offended by the fact that ENetSuD opened the eyes of the public to the market value of the hotel, which establishes the fact that the government wants to renovate the hotel with an amount that is about 330% of its market value / worth.

While we are not bothered about their noises, especially as they are falsely linking us to partisan politics, we advise the noisemakers to provide a contrary fact (with credible evidence) concerning the worth of the hotel now, or keep quiet forever.

We also dissociate ourselves from the alleged partnership with any political party or contractor that is having any interest in the contract of Kwara Hotel.

It is worthy of note that ENetSuD has made no position on the government’s plan to renovate the hotel at the sum of ₦17.8 billion, and thus, we are neither in support of the initial (cancelled) contract reported to be for ₦3 billion, nor against the second (newly awarded) contract that was said to be for ₦17.8 billion.

The only interest of ENetSuD on the Kwara Hotel issues is to empower Kwara citizens with factual and reliable information on the hotel contract that will enable the real owners of Kwara patrimony (citizens) to make informed decisions.

This is very important as the government has failed in its fundamental duty of transparency and accountability, thereby making governance a secret affair.

Noise-making of sponsored faceless writers will not stop ENetSuD from revealing facts on Kwara Hotel and other government’s project contracts.

As an anti-corruption civil society organization, we are committed to promote good and open governance, transparency, and accountability, and we shall do our best to #OpenKwara for all citizens to be part of the decision-making process.

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