Don’t take our hospitality for granted, Ifa Festival is alien to Us, IEYDA Warns


The Umbrella body of Communities Youth Development Association in Ilorin Emirate, Ilorin Emirate Youth Development Association, IEYDA has warned sponsors and promoters of Ifa festival in the Ilorin Emirate Council to desist f henceforth , saying that traditional worshippers are alien to ilorin Emirate and such practice against the tenets, cultures and norms of the ancient city.

It also noted the practice is a threat to the peaceful co-existence of Ilorin Emirate as appropriate Legal action will be taken on any Individual or group found wanting in jeopardizing the peaceful environment in the state capital.

The Association added that ilorin is known for its tolerance and hospitality especially for non Indigenes, irrespective of their religion affiliations with high respect to its culture which has been adjudged as one of the safest cosmopolitan cities in the Country.

In a statement jointly signed by the National President of the association, Alhaji Abdullahi Babatunde Salau and National Publicity Secretary, Alhaji Mohammad Uthman Jagunma, IEYDA warned those drumming the war beat to stay clear of Ilorin Emirate and desist from constantly associating Ilorin with ‘Ifa conference’ as widely reported by some online medium, noting that such proposed event is deliberately meant to malign and dent the image of Ilorin

“IEYDA is aware of a group’s threat, picking Ilorin as venue for its maiden Isese festival, we are informing the group unequivocally to stay clear of our city, choosing llorin as the venue, is a deliberate attempt to disrespect the norms of our people, and this can lead to chaos and pandemonium”, the statement reads

The body believes that proposing to stage Ifa festival by ICIR in Ilorin is with an ulterior motives, which is an insult not only to the people of Ilorin Emirate but to the entire traditional title holders, emphasizing the need for caution and restrain to sustain already established Harmony which Ilorin is known for.

According to the statement “Ifa festival is alien to us and we will not tolerate any group or individual to expose our incoming generation to what is against the believes and norms of our founding fathers, we will not succumb to external forces and presume enemies of Ilorin on religion to be practiced, Islam is our way life”

“We wouldn’t hesitate to deploy appropriate legal means to stop any group no matter highly placed, threatening peaceful co-existence Ilorin is known for, bringing Isese religion sentiments into the city has under ground forces as being championed by the people in diaspora” the group said.

IEYDA explained that for anybody to come from no where to openly engaging in Isese/Osun spiritual ordination at a public river side along Okolowo axis is not in accordance with the culture and belief of Ilorin, thanking security apparatus in the state, especially Kwara state police command for daursing the tension.

The statement added that inciting, instigating and threatening the peace loving people of the emirate with renewed Isese festival is unacceptable.

“For the purpose of emphasis and re-echoing, Ilorin is an Islamic city with over 95% habitants are Muslim, which if any attempt of toying with their faith can ignite fire.

The Statement advised parents and guidance, traditional title holders as well as council of Hullamas to closely monitor the activities of their children and wards by sustaining the teachings of Quran and Hadith in their endeavours to extinguish renewed fire of non believers.

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