Disclaimer From Balogun Fulani Family of Ilorin

The entire Balogun Fulani family of Ilorin under the leadership of The Balogun Fulani Alhaji Sidiq Atiku and The District Head of Afon, Mallam Kola Hanafi Balogun wishes to bring to public notice that one (Muritala Alabi) who has been parading himself as a member of the family, is neither one of us by birth not by any means whatsoever

in a press release made available to this medium by the family jointly signed by Alhaji Sidiq Atiku Fulani (Balogun Fulani of Ilorin) andMallam Kola Hanafi Balogun (District Head of Afon).

The so called Muritala Alabi is currently been remanded at Okekura correctional yard following his involvement in criminal activities of duping some fish farmers in Ilorin amongst other

Information at our disposal reveals that the said Muritala Alabi has been engaging and “name dropping” by telling prison officials that he is one of the Balogun Fulani family in Ilorin and that his name is Muritala Alabi Balogun Fulani.

The family, therefore wants to put on record that Balogun Fulani Family has not produced and will not produce insha Allah, a criminal or any one with evil acts like him.

Consequently, the family wants the general public to disregard any claim of such if stumble on it and take it as one of the attempts to blackmail our good name and heritage.


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