Defence minister promises to rejig security architecture

The Minister of Defence, Muhammad Badaru, has promised Nigerians to expect a change in the security architecture of the country within a year.

He vowed that he would stop at nothing to ensure the insecurity ravaging many parts of the country is tamed.

Badaru spoke while assuming office on Tuesday in Abuja.

To ease their operations, he asked the chiefs of service to make a list of what could be done and the timeline for delivering it.

Badaru said, “I adopt all the measures mentioned by the Minister of State but mine is to reecho our resolve and have the promise today with all of you that within a year or so we’ll have a remarkable change in the security architecture of this country and I believe it is doable.

We’ll do our best to make sure we rid of security challenges. We owe it a duty to the President and the nation. As politicians, we cannot afford not to succeed. We hardly fail and we are not ready to fail this time and we’ll not fail. The president is a goal-setter, he is an achiever and a thinker, so if you think we are going to joke with this, then we’ll all be deceiving ourselves. “

He noted that the economic development of the country is tied to security, adding that the service chiefs can’t afford to fail in their responsibilities

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