Community Report : Gov AbdulRahman’s Failed Promises, Offa Residents Lament

The CrierNG reported on Monday that In a forum, residents of Offa, a town in Kwara State, vented their frustration over the deteriorating road conditions plaguing the area. The lack of maintenance and the proliferation of potholes have turned the once-accessible roads into treacherous death traps.

Residents highlighted several key roads, including Taiwo Road, Igosun Road, Ipee Road, Secretariat down to Nawair-ud-deen Grammar School, Ojoku Road, Irra Road, Idi ogun- Anilelerin- Isale Offa- Ita Erin, and the Lamodi axis, as being particularly hazardous.

Motorists and commuters alike face daily challenges navigating through the crumbling infrastructure. Drivers are forced to swerve in a desperate attempt to avoid potholes, putting themselves and others at risk. The poor road conditions have also had a significant impact on transportation efficiency and economic development in the area.

Frustrated by the lack of action taken by local authorities, residents have voiced their concerns about the dangerous state of the roads. They are now calling on the government to urgently address the issue and allocate resources towards road repairs and maintenance.

Local businesses have also been greatly affected by the deteriorating road conditions. Entrepreneurs and traders struggle to transport goods, causing delays and increased costs. This situation not only impacts the livelihoods of individuals but also hinders the economic growth and prosperity of the community.

In response to the outcry, community leader Aare Bobajiro of Offa Alhaji Musbau Olaniyi and residents raised awareness on social media platforms, hoping to bring attention to the urgent need for road repairs in Offa. They are urging the government and relevant authorities to prioritize the rehabilitation of the dilapidated road network to ensure the safety and well-being of the people.

Offa, a business hub and prosperous town, now faces the harsh reality of being immobilized by a crumbling road infrastructure. It is hoped that immediate action will be taken to rectify the situation and restore the smooth flow of traffic, promoting the overall growth and development of the region.

Similarly, in what appears to be a matter of urgency, Hon. Abdulyekeen Rilwan said he wrote an open letter to the two House of Assembly members regarding the promises of Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrasak on total rehabilitation of Offa township stadium about two years ago, Hon. Rilwan further stated the acknowledgment of his open letter by Hon. Gbenga Yusuf, representing Essa/Shawo/Igboidun constituency.
A few minutes later, Hon. Seun Oguniyi, representing Ojomu Balogun constituency stated “ The message regarding the state of Offa Township Stadium. is acknowledged. I want to assure everyone that the needful will be done and the message will reach the governor. I thank everyone for the concern expressed”


Source : The CrierNG

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