Buhari urge successor to build on his legacies in the agric sector

President Muhammadu Buhari has urged his successor to build on his legacies in the agricultural sector to achieve food security in the country.

The President while showcasing the achievements of the National Agriculture Land Development Authority within 2 years of its resuscitation said ” I believe that after having resuscitated NALDA, my successors will build on its legacies in order for Nigeria to achieve food sufficiency in no distant time.”

Recalling his promise in the year 2022 to use NALDA to achieve food security and agricultural mechanization, he noted that the achievements showcased by the authority demonstrate his commitment to a better Nigeria.

He said “I am proud that my administration will be bequeathing lasting legacies to the next administration with NALDA being a clear example. This is in addition to the recent discovery and commencement of drilling of oil in the north; the gains made in the area of securing lives and property in the country; and my commitment to free, fair and credible elections amongst many others.

The President who was represented by the Secretary to the Government of the Federation Boss Mustafa directed NALDA to procure 5 aircraft for spraying agrochemicals in farms in addition to the one the agency has acquired.

He said, “I am directing the Executive Secretary of NALDA to procure additional 5 Aircraft in order to have each geopolitical zone covered.”

He said that the federal government has procured various equipment for agricultural mechanization such as Tractors, Combined Harvesters, Pumping machines, Surveillance and Spraying Drones, etc. We will keep procuring land preparation equipment until we have enough.

President Buhari stated that being aware of the importance of NALDA, the authority was reinstated with the sole aim of achieving food security while creating jobs in the Sector as additional means of earning foreign. revenue besides oil and then charged the ES and his team to pursue this mandate vigorously without any discrimination, fear or favour.

He pointed out that the role of NALDA is beyond just land clearing and preparation. Its role, as clearly spelt out in the mandate that established it, encompasses the entire value chain geared towards food security and increasing food export.

He highlighted the achievements of the agency within two years saying, in terms of human capital, several professionals in different fields of agriculture have been trained and equipped to offer services in the needed areas adding that many Nigerians, mostly youth and women, have been trained and empowered in the fields of mechanized agriculture, poultry farming, fisheries among others.

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