Breaking: Onilemarun AbdulKareem Rejects PDP’s Unified Campaign Council Appointment


Staunch Sarakite and member of the People’s Democratic Party, Onilemarun AbdulKareem has rejected his appointment to Unified Campaign Council

In a statement signed and made available to Just Event Online on Thursday

Onilemarun Kareem

The phone calls and messages won’t stop coming in, with congratulations thrown in here and there. When I saw the Kwara PDP unified campaign list on my WhatsApp DM, my eyes widened. Oh, but I immediately thought that this shouldn’t be me when several other PDP members are dedicated and had even risked their lives to position the party. I’ll be more than happy to see them on the list than myself.

I am beyond grateful for the encouragement and support I have received from all quarters, from groups and individuals too numerous to mention here, but I am rejecting this for good reasons; as always, I am a very committed team player who supports every line of reasoning towards the party and our leader. While this rejection is necessary, I want to assure every like-minded person that our efforts were not in vain, and I implore you to view this outcome as a learning experience and stepping stone to greater things, while also strengthening the party’s internal democracy.

I have long encouraged those behind the formation to investigate and rectify as soon as possible with the exclusion of my name after due diligence has been done because I am a person of right thinking and I don’t feel anyone should be taken for a fool.

It is important to keep in mind that we have deserving opponents as we move closer to the 2023 election. However, I am confident that we have more competent and valuable PDP members that will guide us to victory and rescue our darling state from the grip of the group of hyenas and jackals.
I appreciate your help and support, and I guarantee you that they have not been and won’t be in vain as we work toward success with God’s help.

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